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  • Selective laser melting powder metal 3D printing technology (LPBF) has been developed over the past two decades and has become a potential mass production solution.……
    Dec 27
  • Compared with all previous technologies, there has been a significant breakthrough, that is, the 3D printing technology that has attracted much attention.……
    Dec 06
  • 3D printing is the abbreviation of three-dimensional print, and it’s also called additive manufacturing. It refers to the technology that can create a 3D solid object. The 3D printing process turns the virtual design into physical objects. In this process, The 3D model files of t...……
    Nov 28
  • Metal powder is the primary and critical material of metal 3D printing process. Luoyang Tongrun has been committed to the development of high-quality 3D printing alloy powder materials. It is developing a new generation of plasma atomization (PA) milling technology, which will in...……
    Nov 22
  • 3D printing is named 3DP, also known as additive manufacturing. It is a digital model file based on the use of powdered metal or plastic bonding materials, through layer by layer printing. The technique to construct objects.……
    Nov 01
  • When a plane is driving through the sky with a huge whistling sound, people standing on the ground always have to look up. At the same time as the heartfelt yearning and respect, people could not help but admire the rapid development of the aerospace industry in the motherland. B...……
    Oct 20
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