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  • 3D printing has different requirements for powder flowability and particle size than ordinary powder metallurgy. For titanium alloys, the ideal powder is a spherical titanium alloy powder of 30-50 microns.……
    Jan 16
  • Metal additive manufacturing (MAM) is revolutionizing production in multiple industries, particularly in the aerospace, automotive, and biomedical sectors. However, there are still many technical problems with the further widespread adoption of MAM. One of the main obstacles is t...……
    Jan 09
  • 3D printing technology is a new type of printing technology. Its outstanding advantages are that it can directly generate any shape parts from computer graphics data without machining or any molds, thereby significantly shortening the product development cycle, increasing product...……
    Jan 07
  • The "import more than original" of the titanium powder industry in our country, even if it is an innovation, it is just an imitative innovation.……
    Jan 02
  • Selective laser melting powder metal 3D printing technology (LPBF) has been developed over the past two decades and has become a potential mass production solution.……
    Dec 27
  • Initially, 3D printing was mainly used to generate plastic and polymer prototypes rapidly, but recently, the technology has begun to focus on the distribution of metal materials.……
    Dec 19
  • With the continuous development and maturity of the 3D printing industry, new technologies continue to innovate the technical system, and innovations in 3D printing materials are emerging.……
    Dec 11
  • Compared with all previous technologies, there has been a significant breakthrough, that is, the 3D printing technology that has attracted much attention.……
    Dec 06
  • 3D printing is the abbreviation of three-dimensional print, and it’s also called additive manufacturing. It refers to the technology that can create a 3D solid object. The 3D printing process turns the virtual design into physical objects. In this process, The 3D model files of t...……
    Nov 28
  • Metal powder is the primary and critical material of metal 3D printing process. Luoyang Tongrun has been committed to the development of high-quality 3D printing alloy powder materials. It is developing a new generation of plasma atomization (PA) milling technology, which will in...……
    Nov 22
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