3D Printing Metal Powder


Titanium and titanium alloys are very ideal metal materials for 3D printing. First, compared to other processes, the total amount of material used in 3D printing is relatively small, making it more cost-effective in many applications, such as aerospace, medical (orthopaedic implants) items), luxury cars, racing cars and professional sports equipment.

In addition, nickel alloy is also an important metal for 3D printing. Nickel alloy is a high temperature resistant alloy, which is often used to manufacture parts that require high temperature resistance. There are many applications in energy production, oil and gas fields.

Metal powders for additive manufacturing are mainly concentrated in materials such as titanium alloys, superalloys, cobalt-chromium alloys, high-strength steels and die steels.Aluminum alloy is also one of the main metal 3D printing materials at present, and its use is expected to continue to grow. Because aluminum alloys are light in weight, have good mechanical properties, and are inexpensive.

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