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Application of Spherical Tantalum Powder in the Aerospace Field

2023-12-20 14:09:41  Knowledge

Spherical tantalum powder is a vital metal powder widely used in electronics, aerospace, and national defense fields.

1. Preparation method

There are many methods to prepare spherical tantalum powder, including vapor deposition, sol-gel method, mechanical grinding method, etc. The vapor deposition method is one of the most commonly used preparation methods.

The basic principle of the vapor deposition method is that at high temperatures, tantalum metal reacts with hydrogen or nitrogen gas in a gaseous state to generate tantalum hydride or tantalum nitride, and then at low temperatures, tantalum hydride or tantalum nitride is reduced to tantalum metal powder. This method can prepare high-purity and high-density spherical tantalum powder.

The basic principle of the sol-gel method is to mix the tantalum salt solution with an organic solvent to form a sol, then dry the sol to gel at low temperature, and finally pyrolysis the gel to tantalum metal powder. This method can prepare low-cost and high-purity spherical tantalum powder.

The basic principle of mechanical grinding is to mix tantalum blocks with grinding agents and grind them into powder through mechanical grinding. This method can prepare low-cost and high-purity spherical tantalum powder, but the resulting powder has a larger particle size and requires further refinement.


2. Performance characteristics

Spherical tantalum powder has the following performance characteristics:

High purity: The purity of spherical tantalum powder is usually higher than 99.9%, which can meet the needs of high-end application fields.

Uniform particle size: The narrow particle size distribution and uniform particle size of spherical tantalum powder are conducive to improving the performance and stability of the product.

High sphericity: The shape of spherical tantalum powder is approximately spherical, with good fluidity, making it easy to use and process.

High density: Due to the high-temperature reduction treatment during the preparation process, the density of spherical tantalum powder is higher, which is beneficial for improving the hardness and strength of the product.

Good antioxidant properties: Spherical tantalum powder is not easily oxidized in air and can maintain its performance stability for a long time.

3. Application field

Spherical tantalum powder is widely used in fields such as electronics, aerospace, and national defense, with specific applications as follows:

Electronic field: Spherical tantalum powder is one of the essential raw materials for electronic component manufacturing, which can be used to manufacture electronic components such as integrated circuits, capacitors, resistors, etc. Due to its high purity and density, it can improve the performance and stability of electronic components.

Aerospace field: Spherical tantalum powder has excellent high-temperature and oxidation resistance and can be used to manufacture aerospace components that work in high-temperature environments, such as engine parts, missile components, etc.


Defense field: Due to its excellent mechanical and antioxidant properties, spherical tantalum powder can manufacture essential components in the defense field, such as tank armor and missile shells.

Other fields: In addition to the application mentioned above areas, spherical tantalum powder can also be used in the manufacturing of medical devices, chemical equipment, and other fields.


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