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Preparation Methods and Application Fields of Spherical Molybdenum Powder

2024-01-03 15:58:17  Knowledge

The preparation technology of spherical molybdenum powder is the key to achieving its widespread application. Currently, the main methods for preparing spherical molybdenum powder include chemical vapor deposition, physical vapor deposition, liquid phase method, etc. The basic principle of these methods is to control reaction conditions and process parameters to cause physical or chemical changes in molybdenum raw materials under specific conditions, ultimately forming spherical molybdenum powder.

The chemical vapor deposition method involves a chemical reaction of the raw gas under high-temperature conditions to generate a solid molybdenum deposit. Spherical molybdenum powder with uniform particle size and high sphericity can be prepared by controlling the reaction conditions. However, this method has a long preparation process and high cost.

Physical vapor deposition method: This method uses physical means such as laser melting, electron beam melting, etc., to melt the raw material and rapidly cool and solidify it, forming a spherical structure of molybdenum powder. The spherical molybdenum powder prepared by this method has high purity, fine particle size, and uniformity, but the equipment cost and production efficiency are low.

Liquid phase method for preparing spherical molybdenum powder: This method involves controlling the chemical reaction conditions of the raw material solution to induce a reduction reaction of molybdenum ions in the liquid phase, generating molybdenum nanoparticles. Subsequently, the nanoparticles were self-assembled by controlling the crystallization conditions to form spherical molybdenum powder structures. This method has a low cost and is suitable for large-scale production. Still, the prepared spherical molybdenum powder has a larger particle size, and the sphericity needs to be improved.

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3. Application fields of spherical molybdenum powder

Spherical molybdenum powder has broad application prospects in many fields due to its unique shape and properties.

Powder metallurgy and metal products: Spherical molybdenum powder has excellent fluidity, compressibility, and formability and can prepare high-performance metal products and powder metallurgy materials. For example, when preparing high-performance materials such as tungsten-based and high-temperature alloys, adding an appropriate amount of spherical molybdenum powder can improve the materials' strength, toughness, corrosion resistance, and high-temperature performance.

High-temperature corrosion-resistant material: Spherical molybdenum powder's high melting point and excellent chemical stability can be used in high-temperature and harsh environments. For example, when manufacturing high-temperature corrosion-resistant materials such as high-temperature stoves and thermocouple protection tubes, using spherical molybdenum powder can improve the product's corrosion resistance and service life.

Electronic devices and electronic pastes: Spherical molybdenum powder has a smaller particle size and good dispersibility and can be used as a conductive filler in electronic pastes. When preparing electronic devices such as thick film resistors and capacitors, using spherical molybdenum powder can improve the conductivity and stability of the product.

Aerospace field: Spherical molybdenum powder has excellent high-temperature performance and lightweight characteristics and has certain application potential in the aerospace field. For example, in manufacturing heat-resistant components for aircraft engines and thermal protection materials for spacecraft, using spherical molybdenum powder can improve the heat resistance and strength of products.


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