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Titanium Carbide Coating

2023-07-07 23:00:03  Knowledge

titanium carbide coating is used to improve the performance & extend the life of metal tools. It has Vickers hardness of 1800-2100 & attractive metallic gold color. It is produced through physical vapor deposition process on the steel tool. titanium carbide coating reduces friction & heat transfer, which helps in reducing wear & tear of tools. It also prevents corrosion of the tool.

TiC is a hard (Mohs 9-9.5) refractory ceramic material similar to tungsten carbide. It is produced as a black powder with a face-centered cubic crystal structure from the rare mineral khamrabaevite. It is used as an abrasion-resistant surface coating on metal parts, including tool bits & watches. It is also used as a protective coating on atmospheric reentry spacecraft parts.

The very fine, rounded titanium carbide micrograins in the matrix grip & resist dulling of the cutting edge, even when working with tough materials like high-nickel alloys & tough stainless steel. This greatly extends the life of abrasive, tough-to-grind metals such as blanking punches, shear knives, rotating slitters & pelletizer knifes. It also greatly reduces pick-up & galling in contact with other metals such as those found in roller bearings.

TiC also enhances the ductility of the coated metal by reflecting heat into the workpiece, away from the tool & enabling it to maintain its temperature at higher feeds & speeds. It is especially useful in milling & drilling of high strength steels, hard die steels & high temperature alloys (chip classes 120 & 140) because it allows machining at higher feeds & speeds without chipping or burning the tool.

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