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Alloy 601

2023-02-24 11:12:00  News

alloy 601 is an austenitic nickel-chromium based super alloy that has excellent heat resistance and very high oxidation and corrosion resistance. It is an easy to work alloy with standard machining procedures.

Metallurgical structure of alloy 601:

The microstructure make-up of Inconel 601 is a face-centered cubic solid solution and has a very high degree of metallurgical stability. The substantial nickel content in combination with a significant chromium content, provides outstanding resistance to many corrosive media and oxidation environments.

Oxidation resistant alloy:

The oxidation resistance of Inconel 601 is due to the nickel, chromium and aluminum contents that form a dense oxide film. This highly adherent layer counteracts oxidation even under severe cyclical heating and cooling conditions. This also gives the alloy a very tight oxide scale which resists spalling and prevents erosion of the alloy's surface.

Hot corrosion resistance:

The high temperature oxidation resistance of Inconel 601 makes it suitable for use in a wide range of applications where the alloy is regularly exposed to a large amount of heat. It also has good resistance to aqueous corrosion.

alloy 601 is not embrittled by long exposure to temperatures of up to 2200 degF and retains its tensile strength well after extended service. This is due to the chromium and aluminum contents that create a tightly adherent oxide film, resisting spalling.

alloy 601 can be welded using GTAW wire or a weld filler metal that matches the composition of the base material. However, it is strongly recommended that the weld be cooled rapidly after welding to ensure maximum oxidation resistance.

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