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Titanium Carbide Hardness

2022-12-08 16:27:11  News

Graphite and titanium carbide are composite materials which exhibit excellent wear and friction properties in oxidizing and reducing environments. They are particularly useful for energy conversion devices, such as the tribotechnical system. They are also widely used in heating parts and in aerospace applications.

A novel plasma reaction chamber was developed for the synthesis of the TiC/C composite. This material has excellent mechanical and tribological properties, especially at room temperature. In addition, it is highly conductive. The microstructure is characterized by a sharp, intense peak in X-ray diffraction (XRD) results. The unreacted carbons are clearly visible in the middle part of the TiC microstructure. It is likely that these particles contribute to the increased wear resistance of the coating.

In addition, the crystalline nature of the C ((0 0)1) plane enhances the mechanical properties. The resulting thin film of refractory carbides has excellent hardness. It is also useful in tribotechnical devices and as a solid-state lubricant. It is a relatively resistant material to oxidation at temperatures up to 1100 degC.

The high density and purity of the titanium carbide coating make it highly conductive and corrosion resistant. The coating also exhibits a very low vapour pressure. A relatively high melting point of 184 KJ/mole makes it possible to use it as a refractory compound. Unlike SiC3, the hardness of the titanium carbide coating is retained. It also has a high enthalpy of formation. It is a self-sustained reaction.

It has been shown that titanium carbide can enhance the wear resistance of ChN2H cast iron. In addition, it can improve the hardness and structure of the cast iron. It is believed that the high hardness of the titanium carbide particles increases the wear resistance.

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