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Titanium Carbide Powder

2023-07-08 13:50:02  News

titanium carbide powder, also known as tungsten titanium multiple carbidode, is gray metallic powder, belongs to sodium chloride (face-centered cubic) crystal system, chemical formula is TiC, hardness is second only to diamond, abrasion resistance is good, thermal stability is high. It is used as the main raw material of cemented carbide, cermet and some hard alloy materials. It is a critical ingredient in manufacturing of wear-resistant materials, mold, cutting tools and metal melting crucibles, it can also be used as the coating for various steel, abrasive bearings, nozzles and hard ceramics.

This kind of nanopowder is fairly conductive, and it can be used as an additive for certain alloys, composite materials and in some cases, as a nucleating agent.

It has the advantages of good chemical uniformity, small particle size and narrow distribution, low heat treatment temperature and drying shrinkage. The product is not soluble in hydrochloric acid and lye, but it is soluble in nitric acid and aqua regia.

The powder can be produced by direct reduction method, using titanium dioxide and carbon as the raw material, then pressing them into a cylinder and heating it to 1800-2100 °C in a hydrogen atmosphere. It can also be prepared by reducing tungsten and carbon monofilaments with molten TiO2 or carbon, the product is then ground into particles. The direct reduction method is more complex and expensive, but it can produce better quality titanium carbide than the traditional synthesis process.

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