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What Effect does Tungsten Trioxide Raw Material Have on the Performance of Tungsten Powder?

2021-04-08 16:23:26  News

What is tungsten oxide?

Tungsten oxide (Tungsten trioxide) is a powder metallurgical raw material for cemented carbide and tungsten products. According to the national standard (GB/T 3457-1998), there are two types: tungsten trioxide (yellow tungsten for short), with the molecular formula WO3, and blue tungsten oxide (blue tungsten for short, which is a mixed tungsten oxide). W20O58. Yellow tungsten is a light yellow crystalline powder, and blue tungsten is dark blue or blue-black crystalline powder.

The influence of tungsten oxide raw materials on the properties of tungsten powder

As we all know, many factors affect the performance of tungsten powder. Still, the main factors are nothing more than the production process of W powder, the properties and characteristics of raw materials used, and so on. Generally, more research on the Effect of the reduction process on tungsten powder's performance, including the reduction temperature, boat pushing speed, boat loading and methods, and reducing atmosphere.

However, in production and research, researchers found that the properties of different tungsten oxide raw materials also have a more significant impact on tungsten powder's performance. Next, let's examine the influence of tungsten trioxide raw materials (yellow tungsten trioxide WO3, blue tungsten oxide WO2.98, purple tungsten oxide WO2.72 and tungsten dioxide WO2) on the properties of W powder.


(1) The difference in the characteristics of different tungsten oxide raw materials directly determines the sizes and composition of the tungsten powder, the physical properties such as compatibility and formability, the content of impurity elements the morphology and structure of the W powder. In actual production, the raw materials should be selected according to tungsten powder requirements when choosing raw materials, which helps to ensure products quality and achieve good economic benefits.

(2) The oxygen content in the raw material of tungsten trioxide is positively correlated with the Fsss of the tungsten powder. The purple WO3 with lower oxygen content should be selected as the raw material for ultrafine tungsten powder production. The yellow with high oxygen content should be chosen for the production of coarser W powder. Tungsten trioxide and blue tungsten oxide are used as raw materials.

(3) The tighter particle structure of the tungsten trioxide raw material, the slower the reduction rate, the coarser the W powder produced, and the wider the particle size distribution. To make tungsten powder with high concentration, it is advisable to choose oxide raw materials with a single raw material phase composition and a loose internal structure and uniform particles.

(4) To produce tungsten products and tungsten products with superior performance requirements, it is better to choose specially treated tungsten oxide or purple tungsten oxide as raw materials.

Pure tungsten powder can be made into processed materials such as wires, rods, tubes, plates and products with specific shapes. Besides, W powder mixed with other metal powder can also be made into various tungsten alloys, such as tungsten-molybdenum alloy, tungsten rhenium alloy, tungsten copper alloy and high-density tungsten alloy.

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