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What is K438G Cast Nickel Base Alloy Material

2022-04-08 17:05:36  News

K438G is a modified K438 heat resistant corrosion cast nickel base alloy. It is characterized by low phosphorus content and small solidification segregation. Not only has the excellent heat-resistant corrosion resistance of K438 alloy, but also the durable strength is 20-50MPa higher than that of K438 alloy, which is close to the level of K17 alloy. However, due to the special measures of dephosphorization in the production process, the cost is higher than that of K438 alloy. The alloy has good microstructure stability and casting process performance, and is suitable for making industrial gas turbine blades, marine aircraft and ship gas turbine parts that work for a long time below 900 °C.

K438G process performance and requirements

1. Formability

The casting performance is good, and the investment casting method can be used to cast complex thin-walled hollow blades, and can also cast a whole turbine, and the casting shrinkage rate is about 2%.

2. Welding performance

TIG welding, plasma welding and brazing are possible.

3. Parts heat treatment process

1120℃, 2h, air cooling +850℃, 24h, air cooling. After solution treatment, the parts must be fanned out and air cooled.

4. Surface treatment process

The alloy can be aluminized, aluminized chromium and aluminized silicon; in terms of technology, methods such as powder embedding, low pressure gas infiltration and slurry can be used. Multi-component and multi-layer protective coatings can also be applied by magnetron sputtering or low-pressure plasma spraying.

5. Machining and grinding performance

It is required to carry out turning, drilling, milling, planing, grinding, etc. at a lower speed.


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