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What is Main Application of K403 Alloy

2022-03-27 11:01:10  News

K403 alloy is widely used as turbine working blades below 900 °C and guide blades below 1000 °C. It has been used in 16 domestic engines as blade materials. It is the most widely used casting superalloy in my country.

Compared with iron-based and cobalt-based superalloys, nickel-based superalloys have higher working temperature, less harmful phases, stable structure, and greater resistance to oxidation and thermal corrosion.

It is known as the "heart of the engine". At present, nickel-based alloys have accounted for half of the total weight of advanced engines, and the turbine blades, combustion chambers and compressor blades of the turbine disk on aircraft have also begun to be used. F. The many advantages of nickel-based alloys are inseparable from the advantages of pure nickel itself. First, as a face-centered cubic structure of nickel, the structure is stable, and there is no allotropic transformation. Second, it has high chemical stability and is not easy to be oxidized.

In addition, although the mechanical properties of pure nickel are not high, it has good plasticity at low temperature. Basically, it does not change, and it is particularly important that it has good alloying ability, and there is basically no harmful phase when other elements are added, which provides potential feasibility for changing various chemical and mechanical properties of nickel. 9]. Nickel-based superalloys are generally divided into nickel-based single crystal superalloys, polycrystalline superalloys and directionally solidified superalloys. Nickel-based single crystal superalloy is a new type of material researched by a few developed countries using single crystal technology.

It is characterized by no grain boundary, no high temperature grain boundary weakening and longitudinal grain boundary cracks and other defects, and its alloying does not need to add grain boundary strengthening elements. , the composition is simple, the initial melting temperature of the alloy is greatly improved, and it has excellent high-temperature performance. Compared with cast and directionally solidified superalloys, it has higher mechanical properties, thermal fatigue properties, and oxidation and creep resistance. It is an indispensable material for the manufacture of aero-engine and gas turbine blades.


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