3D Printing Metal Powder

KMPASS Launches High-quality Metal 3D Printing Spherical Tungsten Powder

2021-04-19 14:40:09  News

The melting point of tungsten is as high as 3410°C, and it is the rarest metal with the highest melting point. It is widely used in aerospace, biomedical, nuclear industry, communications and electronics industries. The use of traditional powder metallurgy to produce complex tungsten products has a long processing cycle, high production energy consumption, and low material utilization. The deep processing technology of tungsten products has been facing challenges.

In recent years, in view of the technical advantages and characteristics of 3D printing, internationally renowned research institutions have invested funds to develop 3D printing research and development of complex tungsten products to explore a new deep processing method for tungsten products. High-quality spherical tungsten powder is the raw material basis for 3D printing complex tungsten products. The preparation of spherical tungsten powder is achieved by plasma spheroidization of traditional chemical reduction tungsten powder. However, the traditional chemical reduction of 2~10μm tungsten powder has fine particle size, high impurity element content, and spherical tungsten powder. Problems such as incomplete transformation and high proportion of satellite powder have been plagued by the development of 3D printing technology for high-quality tungsten products.


Based on the self-developed high-power plasma rotating electrode atomization powder equipment, KMPASS develops high-power density plasma technology and combines the developed high-quality 3D printing spherical tantalum powder, spherical molybdenum powder, spherical niobium alloy powder and other processes. It produces high-quality spherical tungsten powder with high purity, good sphericity, and less satellite powder, which meets the requirements of 3D printing for high-quality spherical powder, and can provide a raw material basis for 3D printing of high-quality tungsten.


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