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Light-to-heat Conversion Material: Nano Tungsten Oxide-based Material

2021-04-08 16:14:00  News

What is tungsten oxide?

Tungsten trioxide is a powder metallurgical raw material for the production of cemented carbide and tungsten products. According to the national standard (GB/T 3457-1998), it is divided into two types: tungsten trioxide (yellow tungsten for short), with the molecular formula WO3, and blue tungsten oxide (blue tungsten for short, which is a mixed tungsten oxide). W20O58. Yellow tungsten is light yellow crystalline powder, and blue tungsten is dark blue or blue-black crystalline powder.

Tungsten trioxide is a light yellow triclinic powder crystal. When the temperature is higher than 740°C, it turns into orange tetragonal crystals, and returns to the original state after cooling. It is stable in the air, with a melting point of 1473°C, a boiling point higher than 1750°C, and a relative density of 7.16.

Tungsten trioxide is the most stable kind of tungsten oxide. It is insoluble in water and inorganic acids except hydrofluoric acid. It can be dissolved in hot concentrated sodium hydroxide solution and ammonia to form soluble tungstate. When the temperature is higher than 650℃, it can be reduced by H2, and it can be reduced by C to obtain tungsten powder at 1000~1100℃.


Nano-tungsten oxide-based materials:

Environmental pollution and resource shortage have become important issues that need to be solved urgently in the world today. Therefore, finding suitable light-to-heat conversion materials has also become an urgent need for people. Nano-tungsten oxide-based materials are a type of photothermal conversion material with good photothermal conversion ability, which can realize the effective conversion of light energy to heat energy, thereby promoting the effective use of solar energy, a clean energy.

Light-to-heat conversion materials can convert inexhaustible solar energy into heat energy, which can be used for power generation, sterilization, and solve key problems such as water pollution, seawater desalination, and energy shortages. For example, purple tungsten oxide can be used as an additive for energy storage electrode materials to significantly improve the electrochemical performance and high and low temperature resistance of lithium battery products; cesium tungsten oxide can not only be used to produce transparent thermal insulation products, but also prepare near-infrared photothermal diagnosis and treatment drugs ( Cancer treatment, etc.) has extremely high application value.

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