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The Main Development Trend of Nitinol Memory Alloy

2021-04-07 15:05:20  News

Nitinol, as a kind of shape memory alloy, has an expansion ratio of more than 20%, a fatigue life of 1*10 to the 7th power, a damping characteristic 10 times higher than that of ordinary springs, and its corrosion resistance is quite better than the current one. The popular medical stainless steel can therefore meet the needs of various engineering and medical applications. It is a very excellent functional material. Especially for memory alloy materials, in addition to having a unique shape memory function, but also with excellent characteristics such as wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high damping and super elasticity, it has broad applications in bioengineering, medicine, energy, and automation. 

KMPASS relies on a keen forward-looking vision of the industry to devote itself to the technological innovation and promotion in the field of shape memory alloys. Relying on the scientific quality management system and modern production and processing equipment, KMPASS has now developed into a company integrating the development, production and technology of shape memory alloys. Service and application promotion are integrated, and the company that operates nickel-titanium memory alloy gaskets and other professional solutions for memory alloy products on a large scale has built a reputation in the industry with high-quality products and services.


The memory alloy smart gasket is an intelligent gasket that integrates sensing and execution. It can automatically increase the elastic force of the gasket according to the increase in the temperature of the joint, reduce the contact resistance of the joint, and effectively alleviate the problem of joint heating. According to the temperature change, different elastic force is output to reduce the contact resistance of the joint. KMPASS has a mature technology in the production and processing of memory alloy smart gaskets. Its mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and service life are better than spring steel gaskets, and nitinol powder has the characteristics of energy saving, which can effectively avoid the safety caused by overheating of the joints. The accident happened.

In today's world, new breakthroughs and changes are brewing in science and technology and industry, and all countries regard advanced materials as the foundation and key to industrial competitiveness. Facing the broad market prospects, KMPASS will always adhere to the goal of customer needs, continuous innovation, honesty, and sustainable operation. The company is determined to become a more professional and competitive memory alloy manufacturer and help the country realize materials. The strategic transformation of a big country into a material power.


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