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Six Kind Preparation Methods of Spherical Tungsten Powder

2021-04-12 14:17:59  News

Spherical tungsten powder has a spherical appearance. Compared with ordinary tungsten powder, it has the remarkable characteristics of good powder fluidity and high tap density. Spherical tungsten powder is used as a raw material in industries such as tungsten and tungsten alloy 3D printing, porous materials, and high-density powder spraying, and its preparation methods have attracted attention. So, what are the 6 preparation methods for spherical tungsten powder?


The main methods for preparing spherical tungsten powder are as follows:

1. Using the technology of secondary oxidation and reduction of tungsten powder, quasi-spherical tungsten powder can be obtained, and the manufacturing cost is low, but the spheroidization is not sufficient.

2. Using the granulation and sintering method to produce spherical powder for thermal spraying, spherical tungsten powder with a particle size of 40-750 μm can be obtained. The density of the tungsten powder is not high, and the particle diameter is relatively large, and the powder is relatively coarse.

3. Use tungsten hexafluoride as raw material to prepare fine-particle (3~5μm) spherical tungsten powder. This method involves strong corrosive gas and the production conditions are relatively harsh. In today's society, there is a high environmental protection requirement. It still has a certain distance from large-scale production.

4. The tungsten rod uses the rotating electrode DC arc plasma method to prepare spherical tungsten powder. This method can only prepare coarser particles (150-1700μm), and cannot prepare small fine spherical tungsten powder, and the equipment cost is very expensive.

5. The large particle size (40~650μm) spherical tungsten powder is prepared from tungsten hexafluoride by vapor deposition. Because the process involves strong corrosive hydrofluoric acid, the production conditions are harsh and the environmental protection requirements are high, so It is difficult to gain widespread popularity in practical applications.

6. Using an inductively coupled plasma torch to spheroidize and air-cool Cr, Ta, Mo, W, MgO and other powders, spherical tungsten powder can be obtained. However, the preparation method requires a large cooling chamber, which must be Using high-purity argon gas, the cost is very high, and the spheroidization rate of the powder after one treatment can only reach 85%. If you want to get all spherical powders, you need to perform multiple sorting and re-spheroidization processes. This obviously greatly increases production costs.

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