3D Printing Metal Powder

3D Printing In Aero Engine Applications

2020-08-12 14:40:29  News

The development of 3D printing in recent years is in full swing, and the application is becoming more and more popular. Its emergence has brought about a revolution in manufacturing.

But you know, aero engines can also be 3D printed! But to do an aero-engine fuel nozzle requires a perfect treatment of more than 3,000 layers of metal powder, and each layer of dust is only as thin as a human hair. This powder material has been breakthrough by the research and development team of the Luoyang Tongrun R&D team. This key technology.

3D printing

The traditional process is to weld more than 20 different parts of different sizes. With 3D printing technology, sophisticated and precise parts like fuel nozzles can be molded at one time. 3D printing nozzles are 25% lighter than traditional processes, and durability is a conventional process. 

Five times, the cost is reduced by 30%. Through technological breakthroughs and innovations, high-quality 3D printing powder materials developed by the company are becoming more and more abundant and gradually become an internationally competitive powder material brand.

3D Printing In Aero Engine Applications

The company has developed and produced more than 100 kinds of metal powder materials for 3D printing, serving global users. In the powder research and development production, it is the first to break the monopoly of foreign companies and realize the localization of 3D printer "ink cartridges." Some of the powder material performance indicators surpass the European and American counterparts.

The Luoyang Tongrun team has designed and developed advanced milling equipment such as vacuum induction gas atomization (VIGA), electrode induction aerosolization (EIGA), plasma rotary electrode (PREP), and has broken through many vital technologies and comprehensive equipment technologies for milling. Successfully developed powder products that meet the standards of navigation mark, ASTM, AMS, etc. The powder has an excellent particle size, high sphericity, good fluidity, and low oxygen content. The material propertie are comparable to those of imports. The performance indexes of some products are superior to those of foreign companies. At present, Luoyang Yurun already has five alloy materials, namely titanium alloy powder, nickel-based alloy powder, cobalt-chromium alloy powder, aluminum alloy powder, and iron-based alloy powder, to realize the substitution of imports.

3D printing powder

Luoyang Tongrun has always adhered to the steady development of core equipment technology. The goal is to become an internationally competitive military-civilian-integrated material equipment industry group, helping China's aerospace, new materials, and intelligent manufacturing industries.

3D printing technology is a technology for three-dimensional manufacturing products by digitally adding materials layer by layer. Compared with traditional manufacturing, 3D printing technology has many advantages. However, printed materials have become one of the main factors affecting the development of the industry. The data shows that the scale of composite printing materials in the future 3D market will continue to increase, and the application of metal materials will increase year by year. It is expected that the market size of 3D printed metal materials will reach 800 million US dollars in 2022, and the development and production of metal materials will have a broader market. Space.

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