3D Printing Metal Powder

Metal 3D Printing Technology That Turns Impossible into Possible

2021-04-12 14:13:04  News

Nowadays, with the rapid development of technology, metal 3D printing technology with the advantages of short-term manufacturing, on-demand manufacturing, and rapid prototyping is making many impossible possibilities.

At present, the mainstream metal 3D printing technologies on the market mainly include the following five types: laser selective sintering (SLS), nanoparticle jet metal forming (NPJ), laser selective melting (SLM), laser near net shaping (LENS) and electron beam selective melting (EBSM) technology.


SLS laser selective sintering:

Working principle: Pre-lay a layer of powder material on the worktable. Under computer control, the laser sinters the solid part of the powder according to the interface profile information, and then continuously circulates and builds up layer by layer.

The SLS method uses infrared lasers as energy sources, and most of the modeling materials used are powder materials. During processing, the powder is first preheated to a temperature slightly lower than its melting point, and then the powder is leveled under the action of a leveling stick; the laser beam is selectively sintered according to the information of the layered section under computer control, and one layer is completed Then the next layer of sintering is carried out, and the cycle is repeated, layer by layer, until the three-dimensional part is formed. Finally, the unsintered powder is recycled into the powder tank, and the molded part is taken out.

Because this molding method has the characteristics of simple manufacturing process, high flexibility, wide range of material selection, low material price, low cost, high material utilization rate, fast molding speed, etc., it is mainly used in the foundry industry and can be used to directly make rapid molds .

NPJ nano-particle sprayed metal molding:

Working principle: The metal is first loaded into the 3D printer in the form of liquid, and the liquid containing metal nanoparticles is used for injection molding during printing. Then the excess liquid is evaporated by heating to leave the metal part, and finally the molding is completed by low-temperature sintering.

This molding method can use an ordinary inkjet print head as a tool, and the support structure can be melted and removed by a special technology without any external force. Because it is removed by melting, it can be added infinitely in theory, giving designers greater freedom. In addition to metal materials, its breakthrough in ceramic technology has expanded its application to dental, medical and specific industrial fields.

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